LifeQode EDG3 Plus* x 6

LifeQode EDG3 Plus* x 6

LifeQode EDG3 Plus * x 3

LifeQode EDG3 Plus * x 3

LifeQode EDG3 Plus* x 11

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  • 11 x LifeQode EDG3 Plus*

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Life today is uniquely demanding. We seek to make the most of every opportunity that the world has to offer yet we find ourselves dealing with the same major challenge: to stay healthy enough to live our very best lives, every day.

  • - If you treasure your energy to get things done, your way…
  • - If you care about your performance, to stay on top of any new challenges in life...
  • - If you crave good health, vitality, and strong immunity...
  • - If you value quality time with your family...

... It's time to make EDG3 Plus your daily elixir for health, and start feeling the benefits, from inside out.



  • - Immune booster
  • - Protection for all your body’s cells and optimises organ function
  • - Cardiovascular protection
  • - Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure
  • - Promotes energy and vitality
  • - Brain health optimiser
  • - Digestive support
  • - Liver detoxifier
  • - Bone and joint health
  • - Skin beauty enhancer


Meet the ‘Power of 3’  Plant-based, quality, natural and ethically sourced.


Turmacin®: Our anti-inflammatory old friend, turmeric – but supercharged

- Clinically tested and fully patented
- Backed by 7 independent research papers
- Water-soluble form, higher absorption rate - quicker & more reliable benefits
- Works 200% faster than standard turmeric extracts on the market
- Joint pain reduction efficacy outperform other comparative products in the market
100% vegan Vitamin D3

- The most body-ready form - D3
- 87% more potent than conventional Vitamin D2
- Essential for strong teeth, bone & immune defense
- Optimum dosage 380 - 440 IU (100% daily value of US FDA guideline)
- More effectively stored in the body, too.
Immune Formulation 200® : Our Master Antioxidant, Detoxifier, and Immune Booster

- Breakthrough patented delivery system for greater absorption
- Clinically proven to enhance glutathione production
- Backed by 13 independent research papers 
- 68% more potent than competing sources (i.e: N-acetyl-cysteine)
- Listed in Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR), p 2585
- 25'million-dollar research funded by U.S National Institute of Health