Safeguard the planet today and for tomorrow

Our Mission

To build a sustainable future and leave a positive impact on the lives of our people, the communities in which we operate, and the environment. We constantly strive to become a fully sustainable entity with a goal to safeguard the planet and its resources for the next generation.

In the Future

Our mission is to become a sustainable corporate entity that our employees, distributors, and customers will be proud of.
We aim to achieve this in these key aspects of our work:​

Strategic Product Development

Use of a more holistic, purpose-led strategy in product development and operations to minimise waste and promote efficient use of resources.

Supply Chain

Ensuring all suppliers are ethical, environmentally responsible, and compliant with labour

Sustainable Culture

Develop a workforce where every employee is empowered to champion and achieve sustainable initiatives.

Green Legacy

Cultivating a global presence that enables lasting environmental impact through advocacy, partnerships, and large-scale collaborative action.

Our Projects

Implementing a #GoMeatFree policy from Day 0

All QNET offices and events worldwide are strictly meat-free to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate harm to the environment.

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First BCA Accredited High-Rise Office

QNET’s Malaysian office became the first high-rise in the country awarded the prestigious Green Mark Gold award by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA). This marks a 20% increase in resource savings, facilitating more efficient energy and water use throughout the office tower.

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Banning all single-use plastics

QNET has taken to banning all single-use plastic in offices, events, and conventions to reduce plastic waste. Employees are actively encouraged to reuse plastic components, and recycle bins are readily available on every office floor.

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Proud member of United Nations Global Compact

QI Group of Companies, the parent company of QNET, is now a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative targeting corporate transparency and accountability.

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Working exclusively with ethical, sustainable suppliers

QNET’s jewellery and watch collection is produced using recycled gold and ethically mined precious stones from suppliers with Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) membership. RJC members are independently audited according to the RJC Code of Practices which addresses human and labour rights, environmental impact, and fair mining practices.

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Replacing plastic packaging with greener alternatives

All product packaging is replaced with eco-friendly material, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper and recyclable sleeves and boxes.

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Resource-saving HomePure line

QNET’s HomePure Zayn is an energy-saving air purifier that has low power consumption, whereas HomePure Nova can eliminate water wastage and use of plastic bottles without the use of electricity.

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Minimising impact of production

Amezcua line does not contain hazardous materials and is ISO-Certified for ethical labour use and low environmental impact. Amezcua products are proven to have positive impact on quality of life and personal wellness.

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“Sustainability is an integral part of QNET’s core values.
Since QNET’s inception, we have been proudly advocating sustainable living at all levels of the organisation to encourage responsible consumption of the earth’s natural resources.
The future is green, but only if we take action to make it so.”

– Malou Caluza, QNET CEO

QNET holds a holistic, multiple-stakeholder view on building a green legacy. Sustainability and environmental preservation are part of our wider social impact initiative which includes community transformation, promoting diversity and inclusivity, and empowering people through our RYTHM Foundation.