PR Expert Instant Youth for Face

PR Expert Instant Youth for Face

Physio Radiance Boosting Essence

Physio Radiance Boosting Essence

PR Expert Instant Youth for Eyes

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1. Reduced wrinkle appearance

  • •  Wrinkle depth: 17% less after 15 days.
  • •  Forehead wrinkles: 20% less after 4 weeks.

2. Face lifting and improved skin elasticity

  • •  Crow’s feet: Reduced up to 57% instantly.
  • •  Skin elasticity: Increased up to 15.2% after 60 days.

3. Even and bright skin tone

  • •  Brighter skin tone: 21% less melanin produced.

4. Hydration

  • •  Skin moisture: Increased up to 20.8% after 60 days.

5. Reduced eye bags and puffiness

  • •  Sagging skin: Increased 30% on average with maximum results up to 200%.
  • •  Under-eye bags: Reduced by 19% within 14 days.
  • •  Skin firmness: Increased 9% on average with maximum results up to 50%.
  • •  Skin smoothness: Skin texture improved by 14%.

*Based on proven individual ingredients



    Cityguard+® : Energising and enriched seawater that improves skin firmness under the eyes and reduces the volume of sagging bags.

    SYN®-AKE : A fast acting & long-lasting patented peptide formula that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines.

    Argireline® : A pain-free alternative to Botox, that targets and fights those pesky lines and wrinkles effectively.

    Inst’Tight™ : An Eco-Designed Skin Perfector that smooths the skin for a filter-like look in 3 minutes and provides long-lasting action all day long.

    PrincipHYAL® Difference : Increases skin elasticity and smoothness, decreases the appearance of wrinkles and rough skin, and helps to reduce the effects of oxidation.

    TENS’UP™ : An immediate anti-wrinkle effect that reduces the appearance of pores.

    Eye’fective™ : White Flowers Extract designed to fight dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

    Zanthalene® : Ecocert (Official organic certification) extract from Sichuan pepper that soothes and works as an anti-itching agent. 

    Bioecolia® : The Prebiotic that preserves our skin’s ecosystem by maintaining our microbiome’s balance.

    Biotilys® : The Probiotic that improves moisturisation levels, repairs, and strengthens our skin barrier.



Apply a pea-sized amount twice daily - once in the morning and once at night. Use ring finger to tap the serum gently into the skin around the eye area. Repeat the full treatment every three months for optimal results.